Honesty and Progression.

As the CrossFit Games Open approaches (3 months to be precise) it's probably a good time to start addressing weaknesses. The Open challenges our fitness in many different ways and allows us to show off the results of our hard work done throughout the year.

As coaches, we see differing levels of ability and fitness levels. Despite the differences, most of the people in the gym are there for the same reason… to progress in some shape or form. As long as you turn up to the sessions, do what is asked of you and trust the programming then you WILL progress. 

Building good relationships with members is part and parcel of being a coach. Members put trust in us to keep them safe and give them the right information. Similarly, we trust that you will do what is asked and follow the advice we provide to try and get the best out of you. Sometimes it does not work like this and this brings me to my next point.

One thing we hear about from time to time is ‘rep shaving’. Many of us use the ‘SugarWOD’ app to track progress and record our daily scores from any strength work or WOD we do. This is a brilliant way to keep track of personal progress and to use as a base for percentage work. It is also helpful if we are repeating a workout to see if we can beat the recorded result. Everyone loves to be the top of the ‘leaderboard’ or in the ‘’RX’ section of the WOD but what does that actually mean? What if there was no SugarWOD and the only way to record results was to write it in your own book that no one else ever saw, would you push as hard? 

We have all had the moral dilemma of doing that wall ball rep that did not touch the target or get over the line but we only have a few left so we accept it. This, in the grand scheme of things, is not a big deal, however when there are full rounds missed out of workouts and lots of reps that are missed out just to get to the next bit quicker, then it does become a problem. First of all, because you then become known as ‘that person that cheats’ and most importantly because you are actually missing out on the reason you are there… to get fitter! 

Greg Glassman the CEO and founder of CrossFit said in 2009,

so much of repugnant behaviour is about trying to get something for nothing, and the CrossFitters inherently don’t believe that it’s possible,”

This is true, you cannot get 'something for nothing', you cannot get fitter from the work you didn’t do, and for what? To be ahead of the guy who is next to you? As the next day rolls on the results are forgotten, no one even remembers where anyone placed on the leaderboard. 

One of the greatest things about CrossFit is you cannot cheat progress, you cannot get better without putting the hard work in. This brings me back to the Open…. Spend less time worrying about what other people are doing and concentrate on your own fitness and weaknesses to get better, it is as simple as that. If you get beat in a workout then that's ok, be happy you did the workout and are better for it. If you put the hard work in now then when the Open comes around you can honestly say you worked as hard as you could.

In the heat of the workout, try to remember what we're here to achieve. The pursuit of fitness and health through a structured training programme. The scoring is simply a method of creating intensity through friendly and supportive competition. Scoring is a tool to support the end goal.

If the score trumps the training itself, we are missing the point.


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