Functional Fitness “Fore” Golf

Athletes of all levels from beginner to professional are exploring more alternative avenues to achieve better performance in their chosen field.  The fitness levels shown by the best male and female professional golfers around the world continue to increase year after year. Focusing on strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance make for a well-rounded and exceptionally able athlete both on and off the course.  Often this involves a strength and conditioning route with supplementary components like flexibility and nutrition, for example.  Sound familiar?  My thoughts exactly!

The explosive nature of a golf swing, much like an Olympic lift cannot rely purely on raw unrefined strength.  Nor can silky smooth technique lacking in speed or explosiveness produce the ultimate outcome.  I’ve spent more than half my life on a golf course either playing, or coaching, and the constant search for distance in golf can be likened to the deadlift or back squat PB everyone constantly chases in the gym but these big numbers aren’t the whole story.  Of course, they help in developing overall strength but body control and consistency throughout a round of golf and an Olympic lift are also key components to achieving results.  So if I contemplate where I was before I developed my passion for CrossFit; how much further do I now hit the golf ball?  How much further could I hit it?  Is distance the only area of improvement?

CrossFit may not help you become a better putter or stop you from wanting to wrap your 6 iron around the nearest tree the next time you miss the green from the fairway, that’s the nature of golf.  However, I can say that during my time training at CrossFit Northumbria development in all areas of my fitness have significantly contributed to creating the necessary balance for increased clubhead speed resulting in longer drives and a better game.  Add to that a better understanding of my body and how to control and consistently reproduce my golf swing, not just for distance, helps to keep all areas of my game in check.

CrossFit and its accessibility to athletes of all ages and abilities allow many people to achieve things they never thought possible.  All the skills learned and strengths developed, both physical and mental are transferable to any sport and indeed everyday life.

Whether you are a long-standing member of the box or a new member still discovering yourself in the CFN community, my question to you all is this;

What has CrossFit done for you?