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September is done, kids are back in school and we are back into routine of managing family life, work and exercise.

In September we have had some good tests such as the 3RM push press which saw many of you set new personal bests. We have also tested your capacity with a well known CrossFit benchmark workout Jackie. This is a challenging test of your gymnastic ability (30 pull ups) whilst under fatigue due to performing 1000m row and 50 bar thrusters. Keep track of your time if you completed this workout as it will come up for a repeat.

On the final day of September we had our very first bar muscle up clinic held at CFN. This was opened up to 20 members, free of charge. Well done to everyone who came and we hope you took something away from the day which will aid you in your journey to get that first muscle up. CrossFit Northumbria will be putting on more seminar days in the future which will focus towards higher skilled movements.

CFN bar muscle up workshop

October 2018 review:

The programming for October has a large strength bias. This means that each week at CFN we will have a deadlift session, front squat and assistant movement for the front squat. This part of the winter programming which has a greater focus towards overall strength. 

At the end of the month we have another benchmark workout, DT which is 5 rounds for time, 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans and 6 push jerks 70/ 45kg. This indicates the start of our new cycle which is focused towards barbell cycling.

Another important date is our latest social event on 20th October. CrossFit Northumbria is hosting its very own gin tasting evening. There will be talks on both gin and tonic from local producers ‘Hepple Gin’ and Marlish Tonic’ and of course gin based cocktails are included in the ticket price.


The Final announcement is the addition to our competition calendar, Saturday 15th December. The event is same sex pairs and accessible to all members. More information is to released shortly.

Dates for the diary 

Wednesday 10th October - 30 clusters for time

Monday 15th October - Power output workout 

Tuesday 23rd October - 1RM front squat

Tuesday 30th October - DT