November 2018 - Programming focus

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October programming review

The end of October brought us to the end of our Front squat cycle, we saw multiple PB’s from our newer members who have been with us for under a year and the longer standing members who have trained with us for over 3 years. Ending the Front Squat cycle means that it's time for people's favourite cycle, barbell cycling or the DT cycle. 

We have also had 2 key conditioning pieces during October. The power output workout and 30 clusters for time. The power output workout gave you the chance to choose what weight you wanted to go. Its a great chance to find out where you can produce the greatest amount of reps at which weight, this can be useful for competitions or online qualifiers!

The month ahead - November

As mentioned the Deadlift is taking over as a major priority with barbell cycling coming in as a minor. Majority of our barbell cycling strength components will be from the hang position. This is to avoid overloading the pull off the ground.

We have included a mix of ring dips and handstand push ups for our gymnastics work. These sessions will be elaborating on the work we have done earlier in the year on both of these movements.

Looking ahead we have a few key sessions to look forward to. We have a re-rest of the open workout 16.3 which is an AMRAP of muscle ups and power snatch, and the high volume strength and barbell work is all building towards the re-test of DT which will be later on in December.

Dates for the diary 

Wednesday 7th November - Open workout 16.3

Monday 12th November - High volume back squats

Tuesday 20th November - High volume barbell cycling

Thursday 22nd November - Event 1 ‘The Winter Dual’

Wednesday 28th November - Workout for reps

The Winter Dual

The third edition to the CrossFit Northumbria competition calendar is now live. The competition is a same sex partner competition held on the 15th December. We saw tickets sell out within 3 minutes of the ticket launch, well done to everyone who managed to get one! Event 1 is announced with more events to be announced shortly. Check out the video below to see what’s in store for event 1!

The Winter Dual event 1 release