December 2018 - Programming Focus

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What happened in November

Through November we have had two training cycles running side by side. The first one is deadlifts, recently we have had a greater focus on double over hand dead-stop deadlifts. This is a greater test of grip and overall strength due to the pulling of a dead weight every lift. This will pay dividends when you come back around to the testing phase when you will reuse mixed grip and can use the tension from one lift to go into the next. 

Our other focus has been on barbell cycling due to the retest of DT being around the corner. Over November we have seen barbell only days which is a great opportunity to improve existing movement patterns. We have a couple more sessions of bar cycling before the retest. 

The Winter Dual - Event 1 - Partner 7km row

Moving into December

We are kicking off the month with our first focus workout of the month ‘Habanero’. This is a shorter interval higher intensity barbell workout which will be a test of technique, lungs and your grip! 

Also in December we have our retest of the 3RM deadlift after this has been in the programming for around 4 - 5 weeks. This will mark the end of our deadlift cycle. Not a date to be missed.

After all of our testing has been done for December we have a team Christmas WoD on the 24th. The Christmas time table is to be released shortly if anyone is wanting to work off all the Christmas dinner and chocolates before new year!

Dates for the diary 

Tuesday 4th December - Habanero

Wednesday 12th December - Partner 12.3 open workout

Monday 17th December  - Deadlift 3RM

Wednesday 19th December - DT retest 

Monday 24th December - Christmas Eve workout

The Winter Dual

Deadline for event 1 is fast approaching (9th December 22:00). The full event for workout 2 has now been released. Head over to our Facebook page for more details or click the following link >

Event 2 - The Winter Dual - Hang clean ladder

Event 2 - The Winter Dual - Hang clean ladder