When I first started Crossfit I was a mere 17 years old, due to my age I was able to participate in 2015 open in the teen category. I had only been doing Crossfit for around 5 months, I had seen some cool videos and thought I have got to try that! Due to me being new I had no idea what to do or what was expected of me. I really struggled with the weights side of Crossfit as I came from a background of video gaming, watching TV and eating potato smileys and chicken dinosaurs every day (slight bit of running also).

 When the first open announcement was made I had feelings of excitement and butterflies. It was toes to bar, deadlifts and snatch at 50kg (or clean and jerk, deadlifts at 30kg and knees raises for me in scaled teens), then straight into a max clean and jerk. I managed 6 rounds in the 15 minutes and a 77kg clean and jerk PB with what could only be described as 'less than perfect' technique. I was ecstatic that I had got a new PB and got through my first CrossFit open workout.

Following the first workout, the next 4 workouts were a treat. These were all done at scaled as this suited my ability more than the RX’d division. Once the 5th workout was completed I was over the moon that the whole gym had all got through the workouts together. After the open had passed and I didn’t make it to regionals, the games and was still waiting for the phone call from Nike or Reebok for sponsorship deals (still waiting to this day…), I was able to realise how amazing the past 5 weeks were, as millions of people worldwide all push themselves and get through the workouts together over 5 weekends.

3 years later…

After many years of training and just generally becoming older as we all do (unfortunately) I feel ready to tackle the next series of open workouts as I am stronger and fitter because of the help and encouragement of all the members and other coaches at CFN. 

Recently some of the CFN staff and I decided to test out the same workout I had done when I was a still a teen. This time I was able to complete the workout at RX (snatches, deadlifts 50kg and toes to bar) and got into the 5th round which is a vast improvement from 2015 where I was unable to snatch 30kg and get my toes above my hips. Also, this time my opening clean and jerk attempt was 80kg which is 2.5kg above what I maxed out at 3 years ago, in the time cap I went on to get 100kg. 

This year make sure you get involved, its one of the largest CrossFit events on the calendar and you might end up surprising yourself, whether that’s through a new PB or finally getting that first chest to bar or muscle up.

Coach Joe.

P.s if you would like to watch (laugh) at me doing my first open workout in 2015, follow this link and skip the video to 11:25/ 13:00/ 15:20. Just remember everyone starts somewhere!