Why do you train? 

Ask yourself the question and spend a couple of minutes thinking about the REAL reason and what goals this may give you. 

Is it to go to the Games as an athlete? To improve your strength and conditioning to benefit another sport or activity that you do? Or simply, so your clothes fit a little better or you look better naked? I emphasise “REAL reason” because it’s all too easy to get caught up in the moment and be worrying about others around you (and their SugarWOD scores), causing you to lose focus. 

For me personally, training is a great way to stay in shape whilst de-stressing from work and having a laugh with friends. Building a foundation for a long and healthy life. Yes, this has led to signing up for a few team competitions but for me, it’s not about winning. If that happens it’s a nice bonus but it is certainly more the social element that I enjoy. 

All of the potential reasons listed above are valid reasons to train. Our challenge as coaches is to ensure that you get the most from each and every session to help you take a step towards that goal. 

Now that the Open is over for another 11 months we have the perfect time to reassess our goals. Make note of things you have done well and equally important, areas that you can improve on. Yes it could be to master a new movement or to hit a personal best but these don’t always have to be “CrossFit” related. Could you improve sleep quality, dial in your nutrition or spend more time using your new found fitness to get outdoors with friends and family. 

CrossFit success/ fame probably isn’t your primary goal in life, so don’t let it take over. Remember that training should make you feel better and not worse! If you are finding yourself beat up week after week or turning down opportunities because you are too sore or tired, ask yourself: why do you train? 

Enjoy your training, eat your greens and most importantly, have fun!