August 2018 - Programming Focus

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The start of July we had our annual in-house competition 365. We saw 96 athletes come through the door to take on 3 workouts. 

The first workout was a test of strength with a 1 rep max clean swiftly followed by a 1 rep max bench press. Workout 2 was a combination of power with the assault bike, gymnastics and finally a team effort to finish with the synchro burpees. The final workout was a test of grit, with the well loved combination of thrusters and rowing. This was a variation of the CrossFit open workout 15.5. 

4 teams progressed into the final which they had to work through the bike erg, kettlebells and a new movement, D Ball squats.

Our currently major training cycle has built towards our final 1RM test in the clean and jerk and the snatch. The minor strength cycle has also been consistent across the past month with strict gymnastics which built towards the kipping and higher volume work towards the latter end of the month.

Suz Lenham taking a casual 85kg clean for a stroll. 

Suz Lenham taking a casual 85kg clean for a stroll. 


Moving into august we have the beginning of our new cycle, the front squat. We start the month with a 1RM test in order to set those percentages for the remainder of the program, therefore this is not a day not to be missed. We have the CrossFit open work ’13.1'  and later in the month ’18.1'. These workouts give us a chance to test our progression within olympic weightlifting and to compare the results of 18.1.

Dates for the diary

Tuesday 7th August - 1RM front squat

Friday 10th August - 13.1 CrossFit open workout

Tuesday 14th - Clean / muscle up workout

Monday 27th August - 18.1 CrossFit open workout

In terms of our Gymnastics focus, after a gruelling month of ring dips and pull ups, we will be revisiting the handstand push up, with a variety of strict and kipping movements. 

Looking at our strength maintenance sessions there is an emphasis on pulling from the ground, to compliment our upper body work and front squat sessions.

365 Days Later - SATURDAY 7TH JULY 2018

2018 - Our annual 365 competition 

2018 - Our annual 365 competition