September 2018 - Programming Focus


Throughout August our focus has been towards the push cycle which is coming to an end at the start of September. Percentages have ranged from 60-85%, all building towards the final 3RM test. Hopefully we will see a lot of you increase those overhead numbers.

We have also seen a lot of workouts which require a maximum effort at the end. Workouts such as the 4x4 minute which included the D-ball and max calorie row or the 30 minute bike for max cals with 60 reps being performed every 5:00 saw many of you push to another level. It was great to see so many of you tackling these tough workouts!

In August we had the start of our new strength cycle, the front squat. At the end of this cycle front squat numbers should rise which helps with all the other lifts that we perform in the gym. 

Our annual celebration of fitness, competition and community. With the 96 available places selling out in under 48 hours, we knew this year was going to be special. It didn't disappoint. Thank you to all the members that got involved, supported and helped out.

September preview

September begins with the test of our major push cycle that we have been performing with the 3RM push press. Our front squat sessions then become the major focus as we build towards a 1RM retest while we re-introduce the 3RM deadlift cycle as our new minor cycle. 

Towards the end of September we have two other important dates. Benchmark workout ‘Jackie’ and a rowing workout which starts off with 100 burpees over the rower.
These workouts will train both your medium and longer duration performance. 

Over September we are introducing more plyometrics. There will be a lower number of gymnastic specific session and more bounding and jumping to develop greater explosive power.

Dates for the diary

Friday 7th September - 3RM push press

Monday 17th September - 3RM deadlift

Wednesday 19th September - Row workout

Tuesday 25th September - Jackie

Weekly competitions

Also keep an eye out for our weekly competitions through our Facebook page. Each week CrossFit  Northumbria will be running a competition to give away free prizes. Check out this weeks competition for a chance to win Ignite pre workout or a box of battle bites. All you have to do is comment with your guess on the Facebook post to be in with a chance of winning, entries for this weeks competition must be in by Thursday 30th August 10pm.


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