February 2019 - Programming review

february programming.png

What happened in January 

In January we had our final retest of our 3RM deadlift. The heaviest weight lifted by the men was 230kg and for the women it was 130kg. On average the majority of the deadlift scores had gone up. The graph below shows the new split of deadlift scores. 

Also in the start of January we had the retest of DT. During this we had more people at RX weight and also a reduction in the time taken to complete the workout. Barbell cycling is going to be something that will come back up in the programming over the next couple of months.

One of the more fun workouts of the month was our variation of triple 3. On Wednesday 16th we had 133 people pass through the doors of CFN to test their team work and aerobic capacity. The workout was in pairs and started with a 3km row, 400 doubles and finished with a 3km ski erg. 

Retest, deadlift 3RM scores

Retest, deadlift 3RM scores

What’s happening in February 

We are already into the second month of the year and the open is fast approaching. Therefore the style of training we are doing reflects this worldwide CrossFit event. 

In the run up to the open we are putting mock open workouts into the classes. This is to give you a feel of what could come up in any of those 5 workouts. CFN open workout 19.0 has already passed which was a tough combination of handstand push ups and squat cleans. The next one is on Tuesday 5th February and is a 5 round couplet of hang power snatch and doubles. 

Also during February we are testing the two olympic lifts with a 1RM snatch and clean + jerk. These will both be retested further down the line at the end of the olympic lifting cycle. 

CFN open workout 17.1

CFN open workout 17.1

Dates for the diary 

Thursday 7th February - 1RM split jerk

Tuesday 12th February - 1RM clean + jerk

Monday 18th February - Fight Gone Bad

Friday 22nd February - Open workout 19.1

Tuesday 26th February - 1RM snatch

If you missed the Winter Dual video, click the video above to watch the highlights