April 2019 - An overview of the next months training

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Review of March

Towards the end of February and throughout March we have taken part in the CrossFit Open. The CrossFit Open is an online worldwide competition where CrossFit HQ release workouts across a 5 week period. The Open is a great opportunity to test your strengths and to find out any weaknesses.

In this years Open their has been a common theme within the programming and this is high volume/ highly skilled gymnastics. The only workout without any of these elements was 19.1 which was a long AMRAP of rowing and wall balls.

Now that the Open is finished it is a valuable chance to work on your weaknesses. This could be moving up to RX for certain movements when performing them in the classes or finding some time in open gym to practise those things you know you might not be as proficient at. Try not to avoid them otherwise next year they will still be a weakness.

Kevin Taylor our regular 8pm member taking on 19.5.

Kevin Taylor our regular 8pm member taking on 19.5.

Whats happening in April?

Moving into April we have a new focus now that the CrossFit Open is finished. Over the course of the next month we have a lot of general strength training, so expect to see a lot of deadlifts, squats and presses. This is all aimed towards improving maximal strength.

Each session will also include some varied conditioning, during April we have a greater focus on strict strength rather than higher volume kipping work. This is to coincide with the max strength phase we are currently on.

Also with the fast approaching next competition the CFN Lift Off, our ‘Barbell Club’ programming will reflect on some of the movements that could come up. So keep an eye out for the programming!

Our focus workouts of the month are 2RM hang clean, 3RM push press, partner ‘Kelly’ and a new CFN benchmark workout.

Dates for the diary:

Friday 12th April - Partner ‘Kelly’

Monday 15th April - CFN benchmark workout

Wednesday 17th April - 2RM hang clean

Tuesday 23rd April - 3RM push press

Lucy Jordan - 1/5 of the Jordan family

Lucy Jordan - 1/5 of the Jordan family

CFN Lift Off

We are pleased to announce our next annual in-house CFN competition. The CFN Lift Off is a strength based competition which will test your strength capabilities. The events will be powerlifting and strongman based, finishing with more of a conditioning barbell workout.

The event is same sex teams of 3 and you will choose your own team. Ticket prices are £45 per team (£15 per person) and this will include your T-shirt or vest. You must have an active CFN membership to take part.

The CFN Lift Off will happen on Saturday 25th May and tickets will go live on the 7th April 12:00. We only have 12 male and 12 female teams available due to the nature of the events, therefore to avoid missing out we advise you get your ticket swiftly!

The CFN Lift Off is back!

The CFN Lift Off is back!