May programming focus

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April review

Looking back into April we have had a month of longer duration workouts lasting 10 minutes or more. These longer duration workouts have came in various formats, for example a long individual AMRAP, shorter more intense bursts but repeated multiple times and chipper partner workouts where the goal is to get through the workout as quickly as possible.

Also last month we had some higher skill gymnastics within the classes. On Wednesday 10th April we performed different drills for the strict ring muscle up. This is something which will be revisited in the upcoming month to refresh the movement pattern and to keep developing this higher skill element. In the long run hopefully getting some of you your first strict ring muscle up!

One addition to the classes has been the inclusion of finishers after the main CrossFit session. So far in April we have seen ‘Guns + Guts’ which was a tough combination of dumbbell curls and V-ups and we have had a finisher focused around glute activation and V-ups. These finishers are aimed towards building a stronger core for gymnastic movements and priming the beach muscles which aren’t used as regularly in CrossFit. All the marginal gains will come together to improve your overall fitness and health.

CFN Lift Off is back on Saturday 25th May.

CFN Lift Off is back on Saturday 25th May.

May preview

Moving into a new month the training focus changes slightly from the previous month. But we are still looking at continuing to develop certain skills which we have touched on during April. The first skill which will be revisited is the strict ring muscle up. On Tuesday 7th May the classes will be focused around this movement. Don’t be put off with this movement as we have all the progression steps ready, from strict false grip ring pull ups to strict false grip ring rows. This is a great opportunity to develop gymnastic strength and to learn a new skill.

Return of the compound lifts. Starting in May we are starting to add in more of a strength bias. This starts in the first week of the month as we are performing 6 x 4 back squats and a workout which includes heavy deadlifts (athletes choice for this workout). This will help to improve the overall maximal strength of your lifts. If you are competing in the CFN Lift Off it will give you a good taster of what to expect.

The final element which will continue throughout the next 4 weeks is the addition of finishers within classes. These may be a variety of exercises, but all have purpose and focus within the session. Our first finisher is on Friday 10th May and includes 1:00 hollow/ scaled hollow holds and Russian twists.

Dates for the diary

Tuesday 7th May - Gymnastic skills

Monday 13th May - 5RM back squat

Wednesday 22nd May - Grace

Tuesday 28th May - Barbell pyramid

2018 CFN Lift Off - Last years female podium

2018 CFN Lift Off - Last years female podium

CFN Lift Off

The CFN Lift Off is nearly here. On Saturday 25th May we have 12 male and 12 female teams of 3 competing for the title of strongest team. The Lift Off is a combination of weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman styled events. Entry for the event is free so bring your family and friends down to spectate!

Workout 1 is here, click the video below to find out what it is!

CFN Lift Off WOD 1 release