July Programming Focus

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June Review

During June we have seen lots of tempo strength work. From slow controlled deadlifts, push press with slow eccentric phases, paused back and front squats. For these lifts the loading is reduced in comparison when performing them without any pause or tempo. This is to ensure good movement patterns. The reason why we prescribe tempo and paused strength work is:

1) Teaches control through the movement

2) Positively reinforces weaker positions

3) Adds variation

4) Time under tension

5) Reduce injury risk

Therefore if you are performing your own strength work within open gym, consider adding in a tempo to your lift for some extra strength gains.

Another busy day at CFN was Monday 3rd June. This was the busiest day we have ever recorded at CFN with an attendance of 150 people across the 10 classes we have starting at 6am and running throughout the day till 9pm. The class was a fun partner workout with a variation of movements ( see below):

In pairs,

180 double unders 
60 KB swings (32/ 24kg)
40 KB reverse step lunges (32/ 24kg)
20 muscle ups > jumping muscle ups/ 2:1 pull ups/ 2:1 jumping pull ups
40 KB reverse step lunges (32/ 24kg)
60 KB swings (32/ 24kg)

20:00 AMRAP

Laura Kay - 3+ year member, warming up for event 2 of the CFN Lift Off

Laura Kay - 3+ year member, warming up for event 2 of the CFN Lift Off

July preview

Through July we progress toward single-rep heavy efforts in the EMOM format. This will set athletes up well for retesting their 1RMs in August.

Next, we will see our benchmark tests such as “ Burpee Jackie”, and '“Assault Fitness challenge”. Burpee Jackie is a good benchmark for fitness, the intensity is high, the skill and loading are both light. Let’s see who can hold onto the barbell for all 50 reps!

The workout is:

1000m row

50 bar thrusters (20/ 15kg)

30 burpees over the bar

Another conditioning focus workout is the Assault Fitness challenge. The workout is a tough combination of rowing metres and wall balls. The workout is:

50 cal assault bike

50 wall balls (9/ 6kg)

x 3 rounds (in pairs)

. You can expect to squat at least 2x/week for load and/or volume as well as progress further towards heavy rep-max attempts via a 5-3-1 progression. Another added benefit to the timing of this cycle will be retesting the 3RM Front Squat in September and the 5RM back squat at the end of July. Get ready to ride the squat train!

Another 5RM test is our Clean and Jerk test on Tuesday 16th July. The reps are to be performed TnG. This means you can rest for as long as possible with the bar above head, on the shoulders or at the hip. But once the barbell starts travelling down towards the ground it must be touch and go into the next rep. The main limiting factor will be strength above head in your push jerk. Therefore for a test like this a good way to attack this complex is to work off what you can lift overhead for a 5RM and scale back the loading.

Dates for the diary

Monday 15th July - Assault Fitness Challenge

Tuesday 16th July - 5RM TnG Clean and Jerk

Wednesday 17th July - Burpee Jackie

Monday 22nd July - 5RM Back Squat

Saturday 27th July - 365 > Annual in-house competition

Gary Jones - Testing out the new 70kg sandbag during our weekly team WOD

Gary Jones - Testing out the new 70kg sandbag during our weekly team WOD

365 is back..

On Saturday 27th July we are hosting the biggest of our annual in-house events ‘365’. This year we are making the competition bigger and better than ever.

Be prepared for some new elements on the day which you may have never tested. What new equipment could be brought to the table…?