August Programming Focus

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July Review

Throughout July we have seen lots of tempo strength work. From tempo push press, deadlifts and squats. Every week throughout there past month we have have had some form of tempo squats. This could be a slower controlled decent or a complete pause in the bottom. If you have missed any of the back squat cycle then please copy and paste the link below (download your own version of the original file from the link). You can download the spreadsheet and enter your 1RM front + back squat and get started!

Also throughout July we have seen more higher skilled gymnastics. Within the classes we have added in more handstand skill work, from full handstand walks to a handstand hold against a wall. Another higher skilled element that we have focused more towards is the muscle up. Within these sessions we are able to break down the movement into smaller pieces which makes it more manageable to learn. For example movements that we have been going through are:

1) False grip ring rows

2) Ring support hold

3) Muscle up transition drills

4) Negative ring muscle ups

5) Full muscle ups

365 - Acid Bath

365 - Acid Bath

365 Recap

The biggest event of the year has came and gone! 365 was bigger and better than ever, throughout the day we had 96 athletes competing, split into 24 teams (2 females + 2 males). Lululemon had a pop up store which provided you with any new gym gear and Fowl Play were our food hosts providing you with all your chicken cravings!

We had 4 gruelling workouts throughout the day. Event 1 + 2 were a test of max strength and max power output. Event 3 was a simple test of how hard you can push through the trio of concept 2 ergs, the final event was a long chipper which required 80 reps of various movements, all whilst your partner was holding an awkward object.

Event 1 - 5RM thruster

Event 2 - Max power output (weight x rep) > Choose one > OHS, STOH, front squat or hang power cleans

Event 3 - Team acid bath - 6 minute window > 500m ski + 500m row + MAX metres on the bike erg (score is total metres combined from all team members)

Event 4 - 80 synchro burpees over the box + 80 synchro DB snatch + 80 toes to bar + 80 synchro wall balls

After all 4 events, it was time for a sprint final. We had our newest piece of equipment the sandbags. The final was:

F1 - 12 cal assault bike + 4 lengths D ball shuttles (20kg)

M1 - 15 cal assault bike + 4 lengths sandbag shuttles (40kg)

F2 - 18 cal assault bike + 6 lengths sandbag shuttles (40kg)

M2 - 21 cal assault bike + 6 lengths sandbag shuttles (60kg)

The quickest team flew through this workout in under 4 minutes!

August Review

Moving into the summer holidays and with the next CrossFit Open looming in October we are changing around our focus. In August we are going to finish off our back squat cycle with a 1RM test on Monday 19th August. This is a chance to put all those squatting sessions to test. Let’s see how much those number have gone up by! Testing is a great opportunity to compare against your lifts in previous sessions and when we next perform squats you will have a new 1 rep max to calculate your working percentages from.

Throughout August expect to see more sessions that are gymnastic based. This could be building strong foundations for the higher skill movements or in more of a conditioning format. This is aimed towards the CrossFit Open which is rumoured to in October this year. This is to suit the new CrossFit calendar as we will not have an Open during February + March in 2020.

Dates for the diary

Tuesday 6th August - Gymnastic Skill Development

Wednesday 14th August - Speed Demon

Monday 19th August - 1RM Back Squat

Monday 26th August - Hero Workout > Manion (In Pairs)

Event 1 ‘365’ - 5RM Thurster

Event 1 ‘365’ - 5RM Thurster

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