What we ask of our members

  • Reserve classes in advance of attendance.

  • Attend any class for which you have reserved a spot, or cancel your spot no later than two hours before the start of the class.

No-Show Enforcement Policy

For members who miss attendance, will incur a penalty of 50 burpees . These must be completed before the start of the next class they attend. 

Late Cancellations

For members who late cancel from a class, which is 6 hours before the start of a class, will receive a 30 burpee penalty the next time you attend a class. You must complete these burpees BEFORE you start your next class.

For members who cancel an attendance after the cancellation deadline. You may still unregister to open up a spot for someone else but this will still be counted against your membership usage limits and you will not receive a refund.

You will not be able to register for another class in this time period, as this cancellation counts to your one class use per day. If you wish to book onto another class, please contact admin@crossfitnorthumbria.com or call us on 07450300737. 

If you do not book off and do not attend the session you will be marked as a 'NO SHOW' and will receive 50 penalty burpees before you begin your next session.

Nightly Blackout 11pm - 3am

This time does not count towards cancellation cutoff and waitlist spot expiration. 

For example, if a member is registered onto a 6am class they must unregister from the session before 8pm the night before to not incur the burpee penalty. Waitlist spots do not expire during the nightly blackout period.

Arriving Late?

CFN recognizes that life happens, and there will be times that despite best efforts, you may arrive to the gym after your reserved class has started. If you arrive late, it is up to the Coach’s discretion on how to get you caught up for class, or if it’s best (safest) to wait for a later class. If you show a pattern of being late on a regular basis, it is up to the Business owner’s discretion if action, such as a week reservation penalty, needs to be taken.

Waitlist Settings

Auto registrations: For members who are current first on the waitlist if it is 6 hours before the start of a class, they will automatically be added to the class.

If it is less than 6 hours before the start of a class, members must accept their spot before it expires. You have a 30 minute time slot to accept your place on the class before it is offered to the next member on the waitlist. You will receive a SMS informing you of this.

For members who have registered for a class and also added themselves to a waitlist, if a spot becomes available on the preferred class you will not be automatically added due to a valid registration on another class.

Drop In Policy

We only allow class drop ins to non - members. You MUST have CrossFit experience before booking and attending a class. Open gym is not available to anyone who does not have an active membership with us.

If you wish to attend a class you must contact admin@crossfitnorthumbria.com and provide proof of a completed fundamentals/on ramp course, this can be from a previous or existing coach.

We will then send you instructions of how to register for a class with us.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Everyone has the right to access the services of the CFN without disturbance.

Our commitment is to deliver excellent service in a space that is welcoming and safe and we ask all our customers and visitors for their co-operation in maintaining this environment. 

We also recognise the importance of striking a balance between providing an opportunity for the lawful expression of views and opinions and unacceptable behaviour and actions that affect our customers and visitors.

Some examples of unacceptable behaviour in these instances might include:

  • Using any foul, abusive, threatening, intimidating or discriminatory language or behaviour towards any employees, fellow members and/or visitors.

  • Harassing and/or bullying employees, fellow members and/or visitors.

  • Disorderly conduct which can include, but is not limited to, causing a disturbance, shouting, causing a nuisance to employees, members and/or visitors and/or otherwise hindering the day to day business of CrossFit Northumbria, its employees, members and/or visitors.

  • Congregating in the building and/or obstructing thoroughfares and emergency routes and access points and otherwise hindering the day to day business of CrossFit Northumbria, its employees, members and/or visitors.

  • Entering or attempting to enter restricted and/or non public areas of the building.

  • Recording or photographing people without their permission.

  • Failing to follow instructions of CrossFit Northumbria employees.

  • CrossFit Northumbria reserves the right to remove any person from its property and to take the necessary action to prevent any person/s from entering its buildings or property.

We want to have a reputation for providing a welcoming community for those coming to visit us.

 Power Failure

This policy is intended to deal with unexpected power failures, usually of uncertain duration. 

The main purpose of the policy is to provide:

  • Safety of employees, members and any visitors

  • Protection of electronic equipment and data

  • Protection of facility resources

Power failure falls into 2 categories, localized occurring only to the Company facilities or city/town wide.


In the event of a power failure, the Manager is in charge of emergency arrangements. 

In their absence, the next senior employee, supervisor or shift manager should deal with the situation.

Unless there is evidence that the power failure will be of short duration, the gym should begin equipment shutdown procedures, 15 minutes after the failure occurs. 

If the failure occurs during hours of darkness, shutdown procedures should begin and any ongoing classes/training should stop immediately and all members must leave via the well lit fire exits immediately.

Procedures When Power Failure Occurs

The fire exit signs will illuminate and battery operated lights turn on to allow employees/members to move to the doorways. Contact Maintenance/local operator and determine if the outage is on-site or nationwide.

If daylight hours are still current and visibility is clear, back up equipment will be introduced.

Bluetooth/battery powered speaker system will be used during class times.

 Code of conduct

Our promise to you….

  • To always provide an environment that is safe, judgement free and respectful of each and every person who walks through the door, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

  • To keep our facilities and equipment clean, organised and up to date to accommodate our growing community.

  • To ensure our coaches are providing you with top quality coaching/service in every single class. We will always strive to learn more, teach more and make your experience as great as possible help you reach your goals.

  • To foster a strong community. We are in this together and it is important to us that we all support and encourage each other as we push towards our goals.

  • To keep open and ongoing communication with our members to ensure you are up to date on everything going on in the gym. Events, news, policy updates etc.

  • To recognise that we are all human. We are all sometimes a bit late, we all forget our shoes or knee sleeves occasionally and we all get a little tired after a hard day at work. We will be understanding, reasonable and empathetic in every situation.

Your promise to us….

  • To always show respect to the members and coaches at our facility and avoid any inappropriate language (both in our facility and social media platforms)

  • To assist in keeping our facilities clean by wiping down equipment and putting equipment back where it belongs after use.

  • To show up to class with a positive attitude, open to learning and ready to take on the day ahead!

  • To embrace being part of a community based gym and show support to others in whatever way you are comfortable. Be open to getting encouragement from others too.

  • To respond in a timely manner to events that you plan on attending, to cancel reservations appropriately to accommodate others who may want to attend in your place and respect changes to policy on class sign ups, events and gym etiquette. Most importantly to be open with us regarding the things you liked and didn’t like about our events, promotions and policies.

  • To recognise everyone makes mistakes, if an error is made on CFN’s behalf we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We implement these promises to ensure the best training environment possible for our members and staff. If at any time the owner feels that a member is not adhering to these promises, membership may need to be reviewed and possibly revoked.

Likewise, if you do not feel that CrossFit Northumbria is upholding our promises to you, please let us know. We never want to stop improving our experience for each one of you.