January 2019 - Programming focus

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What happened in December

In December we have seen the continuation of our two primary focuses. Barbell cycling and the deadlift 3RM. In early December we had workouts such as ‘Habanero’, this was a combination of 1 minute on 1 minute off for 10 rounds. The goal of the workout was a shorter more intense version of DT which is coming early in January.

Within the deadlift cycle we have had some difficult sessions. We have switched away from ‘touch and go’ and mixed grip deadlifts. The focus is on dead stop pulling strength (why the reps aren’t touch and go) and overall ability to grip onto the bar (why we have been doing double overhand grip). 

When performing movements more explosive such as the olympic lifts or any gymnastics this double overhand grip will have a much greater transfer rather than relying on mixed grip which can be a cause of muscular imbalances if used repetitively over a long time period.

We also had our 3rd event of the CrossFit Northumbria competition series, ‘The Winter Dual’. This was our very first same sex pairs competition. We had 4 events in total, starting with a 7km row ‘pre-event’. The final was one of the hardest we have had with the addition of a couple of new pieces of equipment, the 2 person worm and ski ergs. 

‘The Winter Dual’

‘The Winter Dual’

Looking ahead into January 

Moving into 2019 we are starting with the retest of our two cycles. On Monday 7th January we have our first focus workout, DT. Five rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans and 6 push jerks (70/ 50kg). This will mark the end of barbell cycling… for now. 

Our second big retest is the 3RM deadlift, this is programmed in for Tuesday 22nd. Therefore we still have some deadlifts to do in the classes before then. Once this is done we will continue to work through our higher volume squat sessions which is the new major focus. Running parallel with the higher volume squatting we are introducing a general strength program, targeting all lifts and areas of the body.

Dates for the diary:

Monday 7th January: DT retest

Wednesday 16th January: Variation of triple 3s

Tuesday 22nd January: 3RM deadlift retest 

Monday 28th January: ‘Erg' Annie

Here are our last scores from DT and 3RM deadlift test.

Here are our last scores from DT and 3RM deadlift test.