July 2018 - Programming Focus


Another busy month at CFN with lots of athletes hitting PB’s after the 1RM back squat retest. Our new minor cycle has already started with the testing of the 3RM push press. It was great to see many of you hitting numbers much higher than you may have previously thought. Keep track of the weight you lifted as it may be required later in the month! 

Along with the heavy lifting we also had our re-test of Karen, which was 150 wall balls for time. Scaled turned into RX, seconds and minutes fell off our last attempts.

4 teams from CrossFit Northumbria travelled over to the Lake District to compete in District L.

4 teams from CrossFit Northumbria travelled over to the Lake District to compete in District L.


We have finished our major cycle the back squat and moving into our new minor cycle, push and pull. The push phase has been tested through the 3RM push press, then early July brings us our other test, the pull up. Here we will be testing strict pull ups and the kipping pull up. Over the next month we are looking to build volume and strength within these movements. 


Dates for the diary:

Wednesday 11th July: Grace

Friday 27th July: Snatch retest

Monday 30th July: Fran

Wednesday 1st August: Clean and jerk retest 


We have already started our new major cycle which is olympic lifting. The snatch and clean and jerk will be tested towards the end of July. So expect percentages to increase and reps to decrease throughout the month. 



365 - Saturday 7th July

Next weekend on the 7th July we have our annual in-house competition. This year 365 is bigger and better than ever. The workouts are getting tougher and the prizes more valuable! Entry to the event is free for specators, so invite friends and family to come along and support.


Our last 365 event in 2017.

Our last 365 event in 2017.

If you would like to see what happened last year follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaBEb6PyFx8