June Programming Focus

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May review

A New month means our old focus is now behind us. During May we have had tests such as 5RM back squat, higher skilled gymnastics and Grace. Another noticeable workout was on Tuesday 21st May. On this day we recorded one of the highest attended days at CrossFit Northumbria. From 6am - 9pm we had 148 people come through the doors all with the same goal in mind, to tackle this workout and become fitter version of themselves. The workout of the day was a tough long solo conditioning workout which got everyone breathing hard!

The workout:

AMRAP x 4 MINUTES - MAX Cals Bike/ Ski/ Row

Rest 30s


Rest 30s

AMRAP x 2 MINUTES - MAX DB Snatch (22.5 /15kg)

Rest 30s

AMRAP x 1 MINUTE - MAX Double Unders

Rest 30s

x 3 rounds

We also held the first CFN competition of the year, the CFN Lift Off, 12 male and 12 female teams took part. We had 5 different events across the day, which tested your weightlifting and powerlifting skills. But the most important element was how well you worked with your team.

Event 1a was a simple test of how much you can squat, this flowed straight into event 1b which required more precision as missing a lift would lower your teams overall score.

Event 2, we tested 1RM hang snatch. You were aloud as many attempts as you could in 9 minutes, from this we saw multiple PBs.

Event 3 had a slight twist. The ‘3 bars of death’, aka ‘Linda’. This well known benchmark workout was to be performed in teams of 3, but the weight on the barbells were dictated by your average teams body weight. This meant each individual team had different weights, levelling the playing field for all.

Event 4, 100/ 70 cal assault bike, 50 synchro overhead plate lunges (15/10kg), MAX synchro down ups in any remaining time. The dreaded bike was brought in for workout 4. During this event we saw teams of 3 get through 100 calories in under 90s! The girls beat the boys during this workout with a huge score of 78 down ups!

Event 5, the final one of the day. A simple test of how long you can hold onto:

2 x KBs (36/ 32kg)

Front rack D ball hold (50/ 30kg)

Bar hang

Well done to everyone who came down to compete and thank you to all spectators. Our next event is the biggest one of the year ‘365’. July 27th 2019, save the date.

Sarah Dinning, Event 5, CFN Lift Off

Sarah Dinning, Event 5, CFN Lift Off

June Preview

We are already half way through the year. Who’s ready for the next month of becoming stronger and fitter?

We are starting off June with one of our CFN Benchmark Workouts. This workout will be placed on the challenge white board in bay 2. The workout is a couplet of descending time frames of calories on the rower and ski erg. It starts off with a 5 minute ski erg + 5 minute row and finishes with a 1 minute ski erg + 1 minute row. This will test your aerobic capacity and ability to switch between two machines which demand a different type of stimulus.

Also throughout June we are starting to perform more tempo work within our strength phases of the class. This will help to build lots of time under tension and give the muscles a new stimulus to adapt to. Thus causing greater adaptations than regular strength work.

Another benchmark workout for June is ‘Nasty Girls’. This is a mixture of air squats, muscle ups and cleans. It tests your ability to perform higher skilled gymnastics (muscle ups) after performing a simple body weighted movement (the squat) and then your ability to hold onto a medium weighted barbell for 10 reps of unbroken hang power cleans.

We have lots to look forward to this month, keep training and keep building towards your overall goal.

Dates for the diary

Thursday 13th June - CFN benchmark WOD

Monday 17th June - Nasty Girls

Tuesday 25th June - The Ghost

Throughout June - Tempo strength work

Patrick Cowan, 5 year member at CFN competing in our first event of the year

Patrick Cowan, 5 year member at CFN competing in our first event of the year